Pistons, Cups & Fluid Reservoirs for the Building Technology & Automation Industry

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Pistons, Cups and Reservoirs
Pistons, Cups and Reservoirs

At JLO Metal Products, Inc., we are proud to be a trusted provider of impact extruded pistons, cups and reservoirs for the building technology and automation industry. We have maintained relationships in this industry for most of our company's history, supplying some of the parts featured here for more than 20 years. Our impact extrusion process has shown to be the most cost effective and best choice in metal forming to produce the complex geometries needed in this market segment. By consistently meeting the global requirements of our customers, accommodating low production volumes, and agreeing to inventory stocking plans to support just in time (JIT) production, we have become a preferred supplier to customers in the building technology and automation industry. We provide typical turnaround times of 10 weeks for first article samples of new piston, cup and reservoir designs. Initial production release follows typically in 4-6 weeks after first article approval.

Another JLO advantage is that we also provide complete design, development and fabrication of all tooling for a particular project. This added benefit provides flexibility and allows us to easily customize products with a minimal cost and effect on schedule. We provide building technology and automation components in both 1100-F and 6061-F aluminum alloys, with features such as:

  • Large OD's of up to 5"
  • Structural ribs running longitudinally along the ID of a part for increased rigidity
  • CNC-machined boss protruding into the ID or extending out from the OD bottom of the part
  • Customer specified locating characteristics to aid in final assembly

All pistons, cups, and reservoirs are manufactured and cut to length on horizontal impact extrusion presses and trimmers. Secondary forming operations may be performed on OBI vertical presses. If certain features of a particular component require additional machining, we offer complete in-house CNC turning and CNC milling. Typical products in this industry can have diameters up to 5.000"OD with wall thicknesses beginning at 0.040". We can fabricate products in lengths of up to 12" standard, with longer lengths available if required. After manufacturing, we clean all parts with a 10% acid wash solution, and fully inspect to validate print specifications. Only then are the parts packaged and shipped to the customer.

All of our aluminum impact extrusions are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, and ITAR requirements. Our stringent adherence to all applicable industry standards has earned a Best in Class supplier quality rating and preferred North American Supplier status from our customers.

Our stringent quality control measures include comprehensive raw material inspection, in-process inspection at each operation, and final inspection. All parts must pass each prior to shipment. If further inspections are required, we can also provide CMM measurements and SPC procedures.

For more information on our aluminum impact extrusion manufacturing capabilities, and how it applies to the building technology and automation industry, contact us directly.

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Building Technology & Automation Application Highlights

Material Used
1100 & 6061 Aluminum Alloy, typical
Other Aluminum Alloys available upon request
Equipment Used May Include
Horizontal Impact Extrusion Presses
OBI Vertical Presses
CNC Turning Centers
Upright CNC Milling Centers
CMM Inspection Equipment
Approximate Part Dimensions
OD = up to 5.000"
Wall Thickness = 0.040" or more
Lengths = up to 12" as standard (longer lengths available)
Tightest Tolerances Held
+/- 0.005" on formed dimensions
+/- 0.002" on CNC machined dimensions

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