Near Net Blanks for CNC Machining Applications

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CNC Machined Parts
CNC Machined Parts

At JLO Metal Products, Inc., we work with our customers to develop solutions to improve efficiency and increase production profitability. To that end, we offer the custom design and production of near-net shaped, impact extruded machining blanks, specifically suited for use with Hydromat rotary transfer machining centers and other high throughput machining equipment. Benefits provided by near-net shaped blanks include scrap reduction, increased CNC machining throughput, and a decreased time to bring a product to market. In some cases, near-net shaped blanks can replace cast or forged blanks, and may hold certain geometric tolerances without requiring any machining at all. We work closely with each customer to develop blanks customized to their end product, considering the best fit for the machining method used and the assembly of the part upon completion.

For each extrusion project, all tooling is designed and manufactured in-house. This service ensures that each machining blank is manufactured in the most efficient manner possible. We manufacture over 8,000,000 blanks annually, supplying customers in the automotive, military / defense, industrial, and food services industries with aluminum alloy impact extrusions showcasing:

  • Fully wrought parts in as formed (-F) condition with zero porosity
  • Heat treatment and aging to –T6, -T651, or –T84 temper (operations performed in-house)
  • Multiple tight-tolerance diameters within a single blank
  • Solid bosses, stems, and clevises ready to be threaded, bored, burnished, polished, milled or turned into final design configuration
  • Stamped or engraved lot numbering identification codes

All near-net shaped blanks are manufactured on one of our precision horizontal impact extrusion presses and trimmers. If required, any additional forming operations can be completed on our OBI vertical presses. Typical blanks are symmetrical around the centerline, and range from ½" OD to approximately 5" OD with wall thicknesses beginning at 0.020".

Standard lengths measure up to 12", with longer lengths available as needed. Since the blanks will be machined upon receipt, they are typically bulk packed and shipped unwashed. However, parts can be cleaned prior to shipment with a 10% solution acid wash if required by the customer. Packaging can also vary in response to customer requirements.

Compliance with all ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ITAR standards are part of every aluminum impact extrusion we manufacture. This is in addition to our own stringent quality program that includes inspection of all raw materials and full in-process inspection and testing, as well as a comprehensive final inspection completed before shipping. If additional inspections are required, we can provide CMM measurements or SPC protocols.

For more additional information about all of our aluminum impact extrusion capabilities for the CNC machining industry, please contact us directly.

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CNC Machining Application Highlights

Material Used
6061 Aluminum Alloy, typical
Other Aluminum Alloys available upon request
Equipment Used May Include
Horizontal Impact Extrusion Presses
OBI Vertical Presses
Heat Treat Furnace, Water Quench, and Aging Oven
Hardness / Mechanical Properties Testing Equipment
CMM Inspection Equipment
Approximate Part Dimensions
Various sizes, shapes and configurations custom designed to minimize raw material loss and machining time while meeting final end product geometry
Tightest Tolerances Held
+/- 0.005" on formed dimensions
+ 0.020" on surfaces to be machined, typical (unless otherwise specified)

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