Aluminum Impact Extrusions

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Precision Extruded Products
Precision Extruded Products

Since 1972, JLO Metal Products, Inc. has been providing customers with high value precision extruded products and services. JLO's focus was then as it is now, forming long term partnerships and delivering cost effective outsourcing solutions for impact-extruded aluminum products, technical extrusions and deep drawn shapes.

By outsourcing with JLO your organization can focus on its core competencies, and profit from JLO's expertise and highly developed extrusion processes. The JLO team specializes in all aspects of impact-extruded aluminum components manufacturing. From the precision extrusion of OEM and custom components, to logistical support and time sensitive delivery schedules, JLO's customer centric approach provides purchasing agents, design engineers, or company representative with superior products and services.

JLO Metal Products specializes in three impact extrusion techniques: reverse, forward, and combination. These processes are capable of fabricating many different shapes and profiles, as long as they are symmetrical around the center.

The impact extrusion method forms the part from a metal slug through a confining die. The process is done cold, and completed by a single stroke, with the application of force through a punch. This causes the metal to flow around the punch and/or through an opening in the punch or die. In reverse impacting, a blank or slug of material is placed in a die cavity and struck by the punch; this forces the material to flow outward back over the punch. In forward impacting, the material flows through the orifice of a die by the forward force of the punch. The combination impacting process involves both reverse and forward impacting in one operation. All three produce specific characteristics allowing JLO to provide extrusions for a wide range of applications.

These processes are provided at JLO's state of the art facility, which is equipped with advanced impact extrusion equipment. This includes machines with ram force up to 1000 tons and stroke length of 12" with longer lengths obtainable. Possible wall thicknesses are as thin as .010", and diameters range from 0.5" to 5". These capabilities also allow for a length to diameter ratio of up to 10:1, with tolerances of ±0.005".

In addition to the basic impact extrusion process, JLO also offers a number of secondary operations like punching or drilling holes, forming necks, drawing a part to a longer length, ironing to ensure straightness, CNC turning and CNC milling. Parts produced using impact extrusion are work hardened and supplied in as formed (-F) condition unless otherwise specified. If the final product needs to be supplied in another temper such as –T6, JLO has the heat-treating capacity in house to meet that requirement.

Many specialty finishes are also available through JLO’s trusted network of outsourced service providers. Finishing options may include chromate conversion, hard coat, multi-color and splash anodizing, polishing, buffing, etching, painting or powder coating. Parts may also be branded with numbers, logos, graphics, custom messaging or bar codes.

At JLO quality is a high priority and embedded in company culture. This is backed up by ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certifications as well as full compliance with all applicable ASTM, Mil-Spec, and ITAR standards. We employ thorough testing, inspection, and QA procedures, incorporating hardness testing, visual and final inspections, CMM, and full process manual QA protocols.

To learn more about all of JLO's many capabilities, see the table below or contact JLO directly.

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Aluminum Impact Extrusion Capabilities

General Capabilities
Impact Extrusion
Forward Impact
Reverse Impact
Combination Impact
Cold Forming
Cold Forging
Materials Used
Aluminum (6000 and 1000 Series)
Other Series Available Upon Request
Secondary Operations & Processes
Ironing / Drawing
Forming / Necking
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Punching / Perforating
Heat Treating
Outsourced Services Offered
Multi-Color & Splash Anodizing
Chemical Film (Chromate Conversion) Irite
Polishing & Buffing
Laser Marking
Laser Engraving
Powder Coating
Company Logos & Branding
Bar Coding
Silk Screening
Ram Force Employed
Up to 1000 tons
Minimum Wall Thickness
.5" to 5"
Maximum Extruded Length
Up to 12" (Single Hit)
Longer Lengths Possible
Length to Diameter Ratio
Up to 10 : 1
General Tolerance (+/-)
ISO 9001 & TS 16949 Certified
ITAR Compliant
Full Quality Manual
Engineering Assistance
Combining Multi-Piece Assemblies Into Single Piece Extrusions
Reverse-Engineering Complex Finished Component Designs
Developing Impact Extruded Near-Net Shaped CNC Machining Blanks
Conducting Material Analysis and Testing Procedures
Troubleshooting Difficult Manufacturing Processes
Packaging & Shipping
Bulk Pack
Layer Pack
Partition Pack
Recycled Containers
Production Volume
Prototype/Product Development through Moderate to High Volume
Typical Lead Time
2-4 weeks (depending on raw material availability)
Contract Solutions
Long Term Blanket Orders
Scheduled Product Releases
One-Time Orders to Maximize Volume Discounts
Amortized Tooling Costs
Inventory Stocking Programs
Expedited Delivery Options

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Ordnance / Military
Power Electronics
Examples of Impact Extrusion Products
A/C Accumulators & Driers
Air Bag End Caps
Brake Parts
Filter Housings
Fuel Pump Housings
Hose Connectors & Fittings
Shock Absorber Components
Cartridge Casings
Mortar Cones
Signal Munitions
Tear Gas Canisters
Reflector Cans
Socket Cups
Brake Assembly Parts
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Canisters
In-Home Oxygen Tanks
Lithium Ion & Polymic Battery Packs
Motor Housing
Capacitor Cans
Heat Sinks
Motor Housings
Applicator Tubes
Cigar Holders
Paint Containers
Concha Columns & Respiratory Components
Gauge Enclosures & Floats
Hydraulic Reservoirs
Impacted Machining Blanks
Pistons & Cylinders
Technical Extrusions & Shapes
Trophy & Award Bases
Candle Molds
Seal Carriers
Underground & Overhead Power Distributors
Electrical Grounding
Marker Bodies

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