Mufflers for Automotive A/C Systems

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Automotive A/C System Components
Automotive A/C System Components

As a leading supplier of impact extruded aluminum parts, we have proven experience serving customers in demanding industries. In the automotive industry, JLO Metal Products, Inc. has worked closely with various Tier 1 and Tier 2 component systems manufacturers to develop specialized mufflers used in automotive air conditioner assemblies. Our strong partnership with each of these manufacturers has enabled us to develop and provide a wide variety of mufflers for our customers' successive generations of A/C system designs. We supply upwards of 5,000,000 muffler and A/C components annually. For industry standard muffler diameters, we can supply non-PPAP muffler prototypes in as little as two weeks, with typical turnaround times of 8-10 weeks for PPAP samples of new muffler designs. The initial production release will usually follow in 4-6 weeks after first article approval.

Our facility is equipped to design, develop, and manufacture all required tooling. This added capability gives us total control of quality and allows for faster, more economical responses to changes. Our automotive air conditioning mufflers, composed of 6061-F aluminum alloy, include features such as:

  • Offset and 90-degree inlet / outlet holes
  • Formed necks with machined braze pockets
  • Stepped-thickness side walls for enhanced vibration performance
  • 2-piece designs for unusual geometries and/or larger fluid capacity

We utilize horizontal impact extrusion presses and trimmers to trim mufflers to length, and OBI vertical presses for hole punching. Progressive forming operations may be performed on hydraulic presses or on mechanical presses. If certain features of a particular canister require additional machining, we offer in-house CNC turning and CNC milling capabilities. Muffler sizes typically range from 1.500" OD to 3.000"OD, with wall thicknesses beginning at 0.040". We manufacture lengths of up to 4" as standard, with longer lengths available as needed. To ensure that all parts are ready for the next step in production, we clean all parts in a 10% solution acid wash. Parts are all inspected to verify specifications, packaged and shipped to the customer.

All of our aluminum impact extrusions are manufactured in-house in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, and ITAR requirements. We can also provide compliance with any additional automotive production standards. Our commitment to service has resulted in our being awarded a Best in Class supplier quality rating and preferred North American Supplier status from our customers.

To ensure the highest quality and consistency of our work, we inspect all raw materials as well as perform in-process inspections throughout the manufacturing process and a comprehensive final inspection before packaging and shipping. If required, we can also provide CMM measurements and SPC procedures as needed.

To learn more about aluminum impact extrusion manufactured specifically for the automotive industry, contact us directly.

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Automotive Application Highlights

Material Used
6061 Aluminum Alloy
Other Aluminum Alloys available upon request
Equipment Used May Include
Horizontal Impact Extrusion Presses
OBI Vertical Presses
Hydraulic Forming Presses
Mechanical Forming Presses
CNC Turning Centers
Upright CNC Milling Centers
CMM Inspection Equipment
Approximate Part Dimensions
OD = from 1.500" to 3.000"
Wall Thickness = 0.040" or more
Lengths = up to 4" as standard (longer lengths available)
Tightest Tolerances Held
+/- 0.005" on formed dimensions
+/- 0.002" on CNC machined dimensions

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