Cartridge Cases for the Ordnance / Munitions Industry

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Cartridge Cases
Cartridge Cases

JLO Metal Products, Inc. has a proven record of providing high-value products to some of the most demanding customers, including both private enterprises and government agencies within the munitions industry. As a leading supplier of impact extruded aluminum parts, we have worked closely with various ordnance manufacturers to develop specialized cartridge cases and canisters used for black powder, high velocity, low velocity, flare, smoke, and rubber projectile applications. Our strong partnership with manufacturers in the less-lethal munitions industry has enabled us to establish inventory stocking programs designed to supply products to the field quickly. In fact, we supply upwards of 250,000 cartridge cases and other components annually. For our partners, we provide typical turnaround times of 8-10 weeks for first article samples of new case designs. The initial production releases typically follow in 4-6 weeks upon first article approval. However, at JLO we understand that real world concerns in the munitions industry don't operate on an extended time frame. We have expedited first article samples in as few as five weeks after receipt of order to meet our customers' needs.

Because of the unique nature of many munitions industry projects, we design, develop, and fabricate all required tooling in-house. This factor has a significant impact on lead time and allows us to provide expedited service when required. Our aluminum alloy cartridge cases include features such as:

  • Heat treatment to –T6 temper (operation performed in-house)
  • Precision machined cartridge case head and primer cap cavity dimensions
  • Tapered diameter from open to closed end of the case
  • Stamped or engraved lot numbering identification codes
  • Custom MIL-SPEC finishes including anodize, chromate coating, powder coating and painting

All cartridge cases that we manufacture are trimmed to length in-house on one of our advanced horizontal impact extrusion presses and trimmers. Holes and shoulders can be formed on our OBI vertical presses. If certain characteristics of an ordnance component require additional machining, we can accommodate with our in-house capability of CNC turning and milling. Cartridge cases typically range from 25mm OD to 105mm OD with wall thicknesses beginning at 0.020". Standard manufactured lengths can measure up to 10", with longer lengths available. In addition, after manufacturing all cartridges are cleaned with a 10% acid wash solution. They are inspected, packaged, and shipped to the customer.

JLO Metal Products manufactures all aluminum impact extrusions in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, and ITAR standards and requirements. We also can provide full compliance with any required defense and munitions industries standards.

Our dedication to quality is highlighted in our comprehensive quality program and supported by testing at each stage of the manufacturing process. This includes validation of all raw materials, comprehensive testing during all manufacturing processes and a complete final inspection before all parts are packaged and shipped. In addition, we can also provide CMM measurements and SPC procedure whenever required.

For more information and to learn more about aluminum impact extrusion projects in the ordnance / munitions industry, please contact us directly.

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Ordnance / Munitions Application Highlights

Material Used
6061 Aluminum Alloy, typical
Other Aluminum Alloys available upon request
Equipment Used May Include
Horizontal Impact Extrusion Presses
OBI Vertical Presses
CNC Turning Centers
Upright CNC Milling Centers
CMM Inspection Equipment
Approximate Part Dimensions
OD = from 25mm to 105mm
Wall Thickness = 0.020" or more
Lengths = up to 10" as standard (longer lengths available)
Tightest Tolerances Held
+/- 0.005" on formed dimensions
+/- 0.002" on CNC machined dimensions

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