About JLO Metal Products, Inc.

Our Pledge

  • To continue to meet or exceed our customer's expectations by delivering the highest quality impact-extruded aluminum parts at competitive prices
  • To provide superior engineering solutions and responsive customer service
  • To aggressively pursue continuous improvement opportunities throughout our organization
  • To offer our manufacturing expertise to all potential business partners regardless of size in the hope of developing long-lasting, successful relationships

Our History

Since our inception in 1972, JLO Metal Products, Inc. has supplied custom aluminum impact extrusion solutions for a diverse array of industries. Our reach extends from high-volume industrial producers such as Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers to detail-oriented military contractors to commercial ventures such as lighting component manufacturers and durable packaged goods providers. Our commitment to quality assures that each of our valued business partners will realize the same high level of customer satisfaction. We make every effort to eliminate all non-conformances from our process and to deliver every product order promptly.

With more than 40 years of impact extrusion experience as reference, our dedicated staff of engineers will assist you in developing an optimal near-net shaped impact design. JLO Metal Products also offers a wide range of secondary operations to bring your aluminum impact even closer to its finished state. We strive to reduce the number of required vendors in your product supply chain.

With aluminum quickly becoming the material of choice for new generations of automobile and aircraft components, for the latest ordnance products, and for countless other commercial and industrial can-shaped designs, JLO Metal Products is well positioned for future growth. As JLO continues to meet your company's custom fabrication needs, we challenge ourselves to do more, better and faster. We recognize that our improvements ultimately lead to the success of our customers and to the strengthening of our business relationships. We look forward to being your preferred supplier of impact-extruded aluminum components for the next 40+ years.

Our Formula for Success

Building on 40+ Years of Proven Results
While any company can make a one-time promise of better quality, lower prices, or faster deliveries, JLO Metal Products demonstrates superior quality, competitive prices, and prompt deliveries over the long term.

JLO's depth of resources rivals all other contract manufacturers of impacted aluminum extrusions. With 28 impact extrusion presses, 8 CNC machining centers, in-house tooling design and development, a highly qualified staff of more than 60 people, and carefully cultivated business alliances JLO Metal Products has established a solid foundation for years to come.

Proactively Seeking New Solutions
While we are very proud of our past accomplishments, JLO Metal Products recognizes that history alone does not guarantee future success. We attempt to anticipate market trends and plan to meet the implied new demands. JLO's focus on continuous improvement requires constant re-evaluation of our processes to achieve technological advantages, quality enhancements and cost reductions that can be passed to our valued business partners. Our efforts have lowered our reported rejection rate to an impressive < 100 PPM.

Stages of the Product Lifecycle Diagram

Accepting Applications at All Stages of the Product Lifecycle
While other impact extrusion service providers only offer production solutions for rapidly growing or mature applications, JLO Metal Products offers solutions for applications throughout all stages of product development.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by suggesting ways to:

  • Improve the manufacturability and overall quality of your prototype designs
  • Replace less efficient processes with production techniques more suitable for mass quantities
  • Meet difficult production schedule deadlines and time-to-market requirements
  • Reduce material scrap for parts that require secondary machining
  • Increase your profit margin

Whether your company is outsourcing production of an established item to free in-house capacity, exploring cost reduction possibilities through redesign, or just starting out, JLO provides the right services and manufacturing capabilities to successfully complete the job.

Providing Personalized Service
We take pride in our "Customer Friendly" image. Though office automation makes many of today's business transactions seem increasingly routine, JLO Metal Products believes that each connection with our clients deserves a personal touch. This familial approach helped establish our organization as a trusted industry resource over 40 years ago, and is just as valuable and important today. Between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm Central time, your call will be answered by a member of the JLO team, not by a machine. Your faxed and emailed inquiries will receive immediate consideration from our staff of customer service, sales, and engineering professionals. If you prefer to schedule a face-to-face meeting, our nationwide network of highly qualified field sales representatives are just minutes away.

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